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  Kelas : 3, Ebtanas (Bahasa Inggris/Tahun 2000)

People are not permitted to .....(1)..... the rare animals; because they will become extinc. Besides, our grandchildren will not be able to .....(2)..... them in the future



We should keep the cough mixture in a ....... place.

4.   How long will it take an infant under 6 months to finish a bottle of 60 ml .......
A.2 days
B.4 days
C.6 days
D.8 days

5.   The medicine is .......
A.for external use
B.a cure for cough
C.for the relief of stomach pains
D.available on medical prescription only

          My hotel is located in the Putri Hill area. There are other hotels in the area which are all beautifid. My hotel has fifty rooms. Ten rooms are luxurious. The room are irconditioned and there is a colour TV in each room. The other forty are business rooms. It means the rooms are simple, with fans and black-and-white TVs. In the luxurious rooms there are always double beds but, in the simple rooms only some have double beds. Our guests come and check in or check out at the receptionist's desk. These people also help the guests with their needs. They can order food and the receptionists ask our restaurant to serve them. Guests can have breakfast, luch or dinner in the room or in the restaurant. Room service is,ready with orders. The receptionist can also help guests with their laundry The laundry woman will wash and iron the clothes. The room-keepers clean all the rooms every d ay. Look! Some guests are coming. The bellboys help guests with their bags. They will have a seminar tomorrow, It is in the convention hall. I'll ask them to sit at the lounge.

6.   What are the facilities of the simple rooms in the writer's hotel .......
A.Air-conditioners and colour TVs
B.Fans and black-and-white TVs
C.There are always double beds
D.There is a colour TV in each room

7.   "I'll ask them to sit at the lounge' 'The lounge' means the room where the guests ........
A.watch TV
B.sit and relax
C.have a seminar
D.have their meals

8.   ........ can order food and the receptionists ask the restaurant in the hotel to serve them.
A.The guests
B.The bellboys
C.The receptionists
D.The laundry women

        Since 1978 the Government of the Republic of Indonesia has been working to conserve endangered and other species of wildlife in captivity It works together with international agencies, government organizations, and other institutions. The breeding of wildlife is to maintain their existence and to keep them from extinction.
        The breeding of Sumatran rhinos is at Torgamba area, and the Komodo dragon is successfirlly bred in Surabaya Zoo. Since 1979 the zoo has produced at least 40 animals. The zoo has also been successful in breeding the Bawean deer. Some of the zoo-bred animals have been distributed to other zoos and released to their wild habitats.
        Two species of non-protected marine turtle are hawksbill and green turtle. This is done to solve and to control the problem of their eggs consumed by local people. The hatcheries are developed in Bali and in West Java.

9.   When did the government of Indonesia start conserving wildlife ........
A.In 1981
B.In 1980
C.In 1979
D.In 1978

10.   The last paragraph is about ........
A.the joint efforts to conserve endangered wildlife
B.the successful breeding of the Komodo dragon
C.the successful breeding of Bawean deer in the zoo
D.the measures taken to prevent hawksbill green turtle from extinction

11.   What wildlife does our Government conserve ........
A.Domestic animals
B.Organisme found in the sea
C.All the mamalian species
D.Endangered and other species of wildlife


1. Measure out required quantity of rice using measuring cup provided. Wash rice
    in pan, then put rice in the cooking pot and add water up to the level as
    recommended by the marking. However, the quantity of water used will depend
    on the age and strain of the rice; as well as personal taste.
           * Do not exceed the maximum water level mark

2. Set the cooking pot inside the rice cooker, making certain that the base is dry:
    Ensure that cooking pot is in direct contact with the heating element by rotating
    it slightly until it seats properly.
   The rice :cooker malfunctions if the cooking pot is incorrectly positioned.
           * Always keep the exterior bottom of the cooking pot and heating
               plate clean and dry

3.  When ready to cook, plug the power supply cord into an AC wall outlet.
      Press COOK. Once rice is cooked, a built?in heat censer will automatically
      switch the COOK mode to WARM mode. Alloy rice to rest for about
     15 minutes before serving.

12.   Press the cook button .......
A.to cook the rice
B.to warm the cooked rice
C.to make the built in heat censer work
D.to switch the cook mode to warm mode

13.   Describe briefly how to cook rice using the Princess rice cooker .......
A.Plug to power cord into the rice cooker, then push the cooking switch.
B.Plug the power cord, press cook and switch the cook mode for about 15 minutes.
C.Measure the quantity of rice and set the cooking pot inside the rice cooker.
D.wash rice, put in the cooking pot with some water, plug the power cord, and press cook.

14.   How long should we allow rice to rest before serving ........
A.10 minutes
B.15 minutes
C.20 minutes
D.30 minutes

15.   'The rice cooker malfunctions if the cooking pot is incorrectly positioned.'
The underlined words mean ........
A.it fails to work properly
B.it can't warm the cooked rice
C.it automatically switches off the cook mode
D.it needs more than 15 minutes to rest before serving

Mr. Affandi   : My wife and I have been thinking of going on an archipelago cruise.
Mr. Burdani  : Fine. We'll be glad to help you.
Mr. Affandi   : Your ad in the paper says they cost Rp. 425.000,00
Mr. Burdani  : Yes, they range in price from Rp. 425.000,00 to Rp. 675.000,00
Mr. Affandi   :  What determines the price?
Mr. Burdani  : Well, generally speaking, this depends on the size and location of
                       the cabin. The bigger the cabin, the higher the price.
Mr. Affandi   : Are the cheaper ones big enough for two persons?
Mr. Burdani  : Oh, yes. All the staterooms are comfortable. May I suggest that
                       you and your wife stop by our office on Cibitung Avenue. We
                       have a model of the ship, photographs, and a great deal of
                       information about the tours. Please drop by anytime.
Mr. Affandi   : Thank you. We'll try to come by this afternoon.

16.   Who is considering to go on a cruise?
A.Mr. Burdani
B.Mr. Affandi
C.Mr. Affandi and his wife
D.Mr. Burdani and his wife

17.   Mr. Burdani suggest that Mr Affandi and his wife ........
A.take the small cabin on the ship
B.choose the most comfortable private room
C.come round to their office on Cibitung Avenue
D.take the cabin which is big enough for two persons

18.   The text tells us about ........
A.travel agency
B.Indonesian archipelago
C.the office on Cibitung Avenue
D.seeking information about a cruise

There are six television stations in Indonesia: TVRI, TPI, RCTI, SCTV, ANTV, and Indosiar. The six stations broadcast different programs. You can read all the television shcedules  in newspapers. Most of the programs are recorded programs. Sometimes the programs are broadcasted live, thet is, the audience can watch an event the same time as it happens.

19.   The meaning of the "schedules" word in the text above is ........

20.   The meaning of the "broadcasted" in the text above is .........
A.come out
B.brought out
C.sent out
D.given out

21.   The meaning of the "audience" in the text above is ........

22.   We must protect our forests from the destruction because ........
A.we can find a lot of trees in the forests
B.they spread along the islands in Indonesia
C.they are very important for our lives
D.we can find many kinds of fauna in the forest

23.   The function of the roots of the trees is .......
A.to make the air fresh and pure
B.to cause erosions on the ground
C.to store water before it is supplied to people
D.to absorb and reserve the rain under the ground

       A forest is an area that is full of trees. We can find in the islands of Indonesia. They spread along the island of Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan, Irian and other island in Indonesia. They are very important for our lives.
       Forest give us many kinds of export commodities such as timber, rattans, as well as rubber. Forests also protect us from danger of floods. In the rainy season the roots of the trees in the forest absorb the rain water and store it under the ground. In the dry season the water will come out and it is very useful for us for reservoir and irrigation. If there are no forests, the rain water cannot be stored, there will be erosion of the soil and we will suffer from terrible floods.
       Forests also help us to purify the air of pollution. The trees of the forests need carbon dioxide from the air and send the oxygen out into the air, wich make the air fresh and pure. The fresh and pure air is needed for our health.
       We can also find many kinds of fauna and flora in the forests. Animals and plants need forests to live. To ensure the continued existed of the animal and plants in the forests, we have to protect it from destruction. Realizing that the forest gives us a lot of important things, we should keep our forest safe. Our forest is our environment.

24.   Which paragraph tells that forest can be a source of income for the govern ment .......
A.Paragraph 1
B.Paragraph 2
C.Paragraph 3
D.Paragraph 4

25.   They spread along the islands of Sumatra ........' (Paragraph 1)
What does "they " refer to ........
A.The trees
B.The islands
C.The forests
D.The people

When was Amirullah born ?
A.On Friday
B.At SLTP 1 Medan
C.On June 12, 1984
D.On Jalan Timor, Medan

27.   Hamarullah and Halimah are Amirullah's ........
B.uncle and aunt
C.brother and sister
D.grandpa and granma

28.   The form Amirullah's ........

29.   Mother  : Andi, ..... hair is already very long.
Andi      : Well, I'll have it cut

In the picture given, wich part of the humanbody is called "chin?"

31.   Budi  : Where do you buy bean, Rin?
Rini   : At the Green Grocer.
The word bean has the same sound as ........

What is the advertisement about?

33.   Joni  : Where does Mr. Suryanto go?
Jono : He goes to the harbor He works in a ship, and often goes abroad for months.
Joni  : What does he do?
Jono : He is a .......

34.   Ihsan  :  Have you ever been to Bali?
Didit   :  Yes, I have.
Ihsan  :  When ....... ?
Didit   :  Last year.
A.will you go there
B.Didit you go there
C.have you go there
D.are you going there

35.   Mother  : Are you sleepy?
John      : Yes, I am
Mother  : You may go to bed
               You ....... wear your pyjamas
John      : Yes, Mom

36.   Rizka   :  What blouses should we buy, silk blouses or cotton?
Lia       :   ....... They are cheaper.
Rizka   :  You're right
A.You prefer silk blouses to cotton ones
B.We had better buy cotton blouses
C.I like silk blouses and you do too
D.You have to buy silk blouses and cotton ones

37.   The paramedics carried the injured man from the hospital reception to the operation theatre on .......
A.a bed
B.a stretcher
C.a sofa
D.a wheelchair

38.   Linda   :  Where are you going to go to, Wati?
Wati    :  To the drugstore. I've got a headache.
From the dialogue above we may conclude that ........
A.Wati is going to buy medicine
B.Linda is going to go to the drugstore
C.Wati isn't going to buy anything
D.Linda and Wati are going to go to the drugstore

39.   The roomboy : ......., sir?
The guest       : Yes, please. Give me a hand with these two big suitcases, will you?
                        I'll bring the small one myself.
The roomboy : Right, sir.
A.Can I help you
B.May you help me
C.Could you help me
D.Would you like to help me

40.   Sand   :  I like to see 'Bukan Perempuan Biasa' starred by Desy Ratnasari
Novi   :  When ........ ?
Santi   : Tomorrow, at the Satria Theatre
A.was it on
B.will it be on
C.had it been on
D.has it been on

41.   A boy  :  ......., Sir?
Clerk   :  Sure, where to?
A.May I ask for some information
B.Will you do me a favor
C.Do you mind if I help you
D.Can I mail a big card

42.   Nisa     :  How often do you go to the market?
Naden  :  ....... a week, every Saturday morning.
C.Three times
D.Four times

43.   Mother :   Put some salt in the soup, Marni.
Marni   :   But there is not ........ salt in the jar.
C.a litle

44.   Santy    : Mom, ........ go to the cinema with my friends?
Mother : I am afraid not. You will have a test tomorrow.
A.can I
B.may you
C.should I
D.would you

45.   Tina      : Is the rice cooker brand-new?
Mother : Yes. Your father gave it to me as a birthday present. It's Japanese?
               made. What do you think of it?
Tina      : ........ I like the colour
A.It's quite nice
B.It's too heavy
C.It costs too much
D.It's hard to use

46.   Arni   : Can Tuti operate a computer?
Rina   : Maybe she can, but ....... I've never seen her operate it.
A.I doubt it
B.I'm sure about it
C.I'm afraid she can
D.I'm surprised to know that

47.   Gongs are made of brass or dried goat skin and are sounded with padded wooden hammers. There are three kinds of gongs and they are calld gong, canang, mong-mong.

The rebana is a tambourine made of goats skin. The paragraph tell use about ........
A.the use of gongs
B.what gongs are
C.the size of gongs
D.how to make gongs

48.   This musical instrument is very popular in Indonesia, especially in Java and Bali. It is made of bamboo and can be played by flow with mouth. The description above is meant for picture ........

49.   Tomi  : Tomorrow is Sunday, .......? Shall we go to Safari Park?
Edi     : Yes, that's a good idea.
A.is it
B.does it
C.isn't it
D.doesn't it

50.   Hasan  : Who will join the trip to Bali?
Angga  : ........ They all are looking forward to the trip.
A.No one

51.   Budi beat Hoyer-Larsen of Denmark at the Sanyo Indonesian Open badminton championships because he played ........ than Hoyer-Larsen.
B.as carefully
C.more carefully
D.the most carefully

52.   Budi   : Joko, who's your favorite athlete?
Joko  : Alan Budi Kusuma and Susi Susanti ....... of them are very good at Badminton.

53.   Ani didn't watch the football finals last night, and ........
A.I did too
B.so did I
C.neither did I
D.I wasn't either

54.   The following is a summary of the pages and items taken from Marina English
  No. 333
  Edition: November 1996
  Roru is a subscriber to Marina English Magazine.
  He likes music very much.
Which page would he open first when he receives the magazine .......

55.   These birds have wings but they cannot fly. They can stand up straight and flat-footed like us. They live in extremely cold climates. Each of them has a black back and white belly. The picture of the bird is ........

56.   Many, animals and plants live in the sea. The sea will perhaps save man from hunger ....... we look after it well.

57.   They ........ for a swim if the weather is fine.
A.were going
B.have gone
C.will go
D.will have gone

58.   Indonesia has a tropical climate and has only two seasons, the wet and the dry seasons. The word 'climate' here means ........
A.weather conditions
B.average rainfall
C.high temperature
D.extreme heat

Complete the sentence based on the picture. Mount Jaya Wijaya is the ........ mountain in Indonesia.

According to the graph above the population of Indonesia keeps ........ from the year 1900 to 2000.

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