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  Kelas : 3, Ebtanas (Bahasa Inggris/Tahun 1993)

         It was five o'clock on Sunday afternoon. Irwan and Mira wanted to go to Andi's house. Andi is their cousin. Irwan wore his brown trousers and white shirt. Mira wore her green dress. They rode their bikes to Andi's house.
         "Hello, Aunt Tina," They said when they arrived.
         "Hello," Mrs Wijaya said, "I think Ani's expecting you."
         "He's in the living-room working on his stamps."
          Irwan and Mira went into the living-room.
         "Hi, Andi," they said.
         "Hi, Irwan. Hello, Mira. Come in. Sit down and look at my stamps. I have some new ones," said Andi. He showed his stamps to his cousins.
         "Oh," said Irwan. "You have same good ones. How long have you collected them ?"
         "I've collected them since last year. My father's office receives letters from other towns and from other countries. So he often gives me stamps," said Andi.
         "I like this one, Andi," said Mira. "It's from India."
         "Yes," said Andi. "Uncle Ahmad has given stamps to me. He's in New Delhi now. He has been there for two years."
         "Have you had stamps from Africa yet ?" asked Irwan.
         "No, I haven't had any yet. But I'd like to get some."
         "I can give you some," said Irwan.
         "Thanks, and I can give some stamps from India," said Andi.
         "That's fine." said Irwan. "Then we can trade some stamps."
         The children talked about their stamps for a while. Irwan and Mira went home at
5 : 30 p.m.

1.   Who is Andi ?
He is Irwan and Mira's .......

2.   Mira liked the stamps from .......
C.other town
D.Andi's father

3.   "I think Andi is expecting you"
"You" in this sentence refers to ......
C.his cousin
D.Irwan and Mira

4.   How many persons are talking in the text .......

         The vast archipelago and the great number of island has made Indonesia the
home of a large variety of plant life. The Indonesian flower ranges from tiny orchid to
the giant rafflesia plant. Wonder many botanists are curious to study these plants.
         The rafflesia arnoldi is the biggest flower in the world. It is unusual because of its large size. It has a flower almost a metre in diametre and 1.40 metres in height.
         "Rafflesia" is drived from the British Governor General, Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles who once governed and built the Botanical Gardens in Bogor. Though it is called Rafflesia after Raffles, the man who discovered the plant was Beccary, an Italian botanist who visited Sumatra in 1928.
         Rafflesia consists of two parts: the stick-like part which grows in the middle and petals around and below it.
         The Rafflesia plant begins to flower in its tenth year. It blooms three or four times a year. Before it begins to flower, the leaves and stem become dry and look dead, but the main root in the ground is still alive.
         While the flower is blossoming, it has a very unpleasant smell which attracts insect, especially green flies. They seem eager to explore the flower. But if the flies touch the bottom part of the stick-like centre, they die.

5.   What happens if the flies touch the bottom part of the stick-like centre ......

6.   Rafflesia Arnoldi produces flower once in .......
A.one month
B.two months
C.four months only
D.three or four months

7.   The main idea of paragaph four is ......
A.the size of rafflesia
B.the parts of rafflesia
C.the variety of flora in Indonesia
D.the name rafflesia comes from a person

8.   While the flower blossoming it has a very unpleasant smell which attracts in sects, especially green files. (paragraph 6)
"It" refers to .......
A.the flower
B.a green fly
C.a green fly
D.an unpleasant smell

9.   The vast archipelago and the great number of islands has made Indonesia the home of a large variety of plant life. (paragraph 1)
The word vast means .......
B.very large
C.not so big
D.large number

        Every country has its great men and women who are remembered for what they have done for their country. One of the Indonesia's great man is Dr. Mohammad Hatta. He was a man with a deep love of his country and his people.
        Dr. Mohammad Hatta was born in Bukittinggi on 12th August, 1902. While still in Junior High School in Bukittinggi he became interested in politics and joined the League of Young Sumatrans.
        He left Bukittinggi to study in Batavia. Then he went to the Netherlands, where he studied economics and gained a doctorate.
        During his stay there he was active in Nationalis Movements. Because of his activities he was arrested. At his trial he presented a brilliant defense and was acquitted.
        In 1930 Hatta returned to Indonesia. He joined a political organization called "Pendidikan Nasional Indonesia". One of its goals was to develop political awareness among the Indonesian people. His activities again led to his arrest. The colonial government exiled him to Boven Digul and later to Banda Neira. Shortly before the Japanese invasion he was brought back to Java.
        When the Japanese surrendered in August 1945, Soekarno and Hatta proclaimed Indonesia's independence. Hatta became the first Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia.
        In 1956 Hatta Resigned as Vice President, and devoted himself to writing. On 14th March, 1981 Dr. Mohammad Hatta died in Jakarta.
        But people will always remember him as a great statesman of Indonesia.

10.   When did Dr. Mohammad Hatta die ......
A.in 1932
B.in 1945
C.in 1956
D.in 1981

11.   He was interested in  ....... when he was in Junior High School.
C.a doctorate
D.Young Sumatrans

12.   He was a man with a deep love ....... (paragraph 1)
The word "he" refers to ......
A.a man
C.Japanese man
D.Dr. Mohammad Hatta

13.   How long did Dr. Mohammad Hatta become Vice-President of Indonesia .......
A.For 10 years
B.For 11 years
C.For 13 years
D.For 36 years

14.   In 1956 Hatta resigned as Vice-President.
"resigned" has the same meaning as .....

         "Tomorrow is our National Heroes' Day, Therefore, in our history lesson today. I want to discuss its background." Mr Suhita said at the beginning of the lesson.
         'This takes us back to the bloody battle in Surabaya on 10th November, 1945.
After the Japanese surrendered. The allied forces landed in Indonesia to disarm the Japanese troops. They agreed not to interfere in the internal affairs of our new republic, but they did not keep their promise, and fights between the Indonesians and the Allies in different part of the country were inevitable. One of the Allied forces we killed. This made the Allies angry. The commander of the Allied forces for East Java, Major-General Mansergh, issued an ultimatum. It said that the authority and the people of Surabaya had to hand over any weapons they possessed. The deadline was a.m. on 10th November, 1945.
         "The ultimatum was ignored . Therefore, the Allied forces attacked Surabaya on 10th November, 1945. They were much better armed than the Indonesian fighters. The street ran with blood, women and children lay dead everywhere. The Kampongs were in flames. The Indonesians fought the enemy very bravely. The Allies won the battle but they suffered a great loss."
         "So you see that November 10th is important date in the history of the Indonesian struggle for independence. That is why we commemorate the day every year. It reminds us of heroes' courage in the battle and their dedication to the country."

15.   When did Mr. Suhita teach the history lesson to the Students .......
A.On the eighth of November
B.On the ninth of November
C.On the tenth of November
D.On the eleventh of November

16.   The Allies landed in Indonesia .......
A.after the Japanese surrendered
B.on the bloody battle in Surabaya
C.When the battle broke put in Surabaya
D.after they disarmed the Japanese troops

17.   The suitable title for the reading passage above is .......
A.The history lesson
B.The battle of Surabaya
C.Major General Mansegh's ultimatum
D.The Deadline was on 10 November, 1945

18.   But, they did not keep their promise, and ......... (paragraph 2)
What does "they" refers to .......
A.The Allied forces
B.The Japanese troops
C.The internal affairs
D.The Indonesians and the Allies

19.   That is why we commemorate the day every year.
"Commemorate" in the context means .......

        The Borobudur temple, with its seven terraces and its stupas, is the world's largest Buddhist temple. The Sailendra dynasty built Borobudur in the ninth century. Not long after that, people left the area but no one knows they left. For the next 800 years people almost forget the temple because it was buried it was buried under earth and trees. This caused a lot of damage.
        At the beginning of the nineteenth century, first the British government, and then the Dutch government attempted to uncover the temple. They thought "if we don't try to save the temple, we will lose it".
        Later on, the Indonesian government also made efforts to preserve the temple. So several years ago they asked UNESCO to help restore it, Then help came from many countries.
        In 1973 the restoration work began. A team of Indonesian and foreign experts and hundreds of Indonesian workers tried to rebuild the temple. It was a big job. First they took down more than two million stones of the temple piece by piece. Than they cleaned, repaired and treated them. After that they returned each stone to its proper place. They also strengthened the inside of the temple.
        At the beginning of 1983 the work was completed. Experts believe that temple will last for another thousand years or more if nothing serious happens.
        Unfortunately, however, some people do not realize how valuable this monument is, and recently caused serious damage to it.
We hope that this will never happen again.

20.   How long has the restoration project lasted .......
A.For ten years
B.For several years
C.For a hundred years
D.For a thousand years

21.   During the restoration work, the workers firstly ....... of the Borobudur temple.
A.rebuilt the stones
B.cleaned the stones
C.returned the stones
D.took down the stones

22.   First they took down than ......... (paragraph 4)
"They" refers to .......
A.some people
B.two million stones
C.Indonesia workers
D.a team of Indonesian

23.   What happened to the temple when the Sailendra dinasty left it ......
A.The people forget it
B.It was convered with warth
C.The Dutch goverment uncovered it
D.the Indonesian goverment preserverd it

24.   A team of Indonesia and foreign expert and hundreds of Indonesian workers tried to rebuild the temple.
"Experts" means ......
A.persons who build temples
B.persons who come for abroad
C.persons with good intelligent
D.persons with special knowledge

25.   Tina    :  How much soap do you need ?
Dewi  :  I need ......
A.a tin
B.a jar
C.a bar
D.a pail

26.   My father's office receives letter from .......
The underlined word has the same meaning as

That's Rose. She is pointing at her .......

Look at the picture !
What sport event is it .......
A.Shot gun
B.Hammer throwing
C.Discus throwing
D.Javelin throwing

29.   Andi has collected ....... from his uncle who lives abroad.
B.stamps album
C.local stamps
D.foreign stamps

30.   Evy is always happy. She looks so cheerful all the time. She is ....... girl.
A.a kind
B.an honest
C.a generous
D.a friendly

31.   The policeman are standing in the crossroad to ...... the trafficts.
C.keep order
D.take care of

32.   Soldiers always have their guns with them when they are on duty.
The underlined word means ......

33.   A list of all books in the library is called a .......

34.   Wolves are wild animals.
"Wild" in this sentence means .......

35.   Indonesia has two seasons. A dry season and a ....... season.

36.   Aida       : Please be quiet I ...... to concentrate.
Children : Okey. We'll move to the next room.
C.am trying
D.have been trying

37.   Linda : Who is the man in your house ?
Leny : Oh, it's my mother's brother. Have you met ...... before ?

38.   You ....... wear a helmet if you ride on your motor-cycle in the main road. If you don't wear it the police will fine you.

39.   Ary     : Do you do much travelling ?
Barry  : Yes, I like to travel.
Ary     : What countries ....... ?
A.do you visit
B.did you visit
C.are you visiting
D.have you visited

40.   While I ....... my lesson my classmates came.
B.did you visit
C.was studying
D.have you visited

41.   Fitri    :   Did you go to the swimming-pool last Sunday ?
Sinta   :  No, I didn't.
Fitri    :  How about Tina ?
Sinta   :  She didn't ......

This chair is different ...... that umbrella.

The table ....... the monitor is heavy.

44.   Antok wants to borrow his teacher's pen to sign the present list.
Antok    :  ....... I don't bring mine with me.
Teacher : Oh, sure, Here it is.
Antok    : Thank you, sir.
A.Can I your pan ?
B.Please, lend me your pen
C.May I borrow your pen ?
D.Could you lend me your pen, please ?

45.   Mr. Ton : Has Mr. Smith gone to Medan ?
Mr. Hart : Yes, he went this morning. But, I ......, he went without saying goodbye.
A.I'm happy
B.I'm sorry
C.I'm pleased

46.   Indah bought a new bag at the supermarket last night ...... ?
A.did she
B.does she
C.didn't she
D.doesn't she

47.   Rino  : My father went to Singapore last week.
Mary : How did he go there ?
Rinto : .... He took GIA.
A.By air
B.For two days
C.With my mother
D.At four o'clock

48.   Anita wants to invite her friends to her party.
Anita  :  My parents are giving me a party my next birthday
Kiky  :  When ?
Anita  :  Next Sunday ......
Kiky  :   I'd love to, Thanks
A.Why don't you come ?
B.Would you mind coming ?
C.Come on. Let's go there !
D.Come I offer you to come there ?

49.   Randy  : Okey, You. We've talked about everything.
              I think I must go now, Bye !
Yono   : Bye. So long.
The underlined expression is usually used to show .......

50.   Wati   :  What do you think of my skirt ?
Sari    :  It doesn't fit with your blouse. You shouldn't.
             It's too dark.
Wati   :  Thanks a lot.
According to the underlined words we can draw a conclusion that.
Sari wants to express .......

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