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  Kelas : 3, Ebtanas (Bahasa Inggris/Tahun 1992)

         What is so special about this date ? 11 th June 1983 was the date when a total solar eclipse happened over Indonesia. But how did it happen ?
         It is interesting to learn how an eclipse happens. We know that the moon goes
around earth, don't we ? And the earth goes around the sun, does not it ? When the moon passes between the sun and the earth, the shadow of the moon falls on the earth. In this part of the earth people do not have sun light. We call this a solar eclipse because we cannot see a part or the whole of the sun. In fact, a solar eclipse is not a rare event, because it happensance every eighteen months. However, a total solar eclipse, that is when the sun become totally d ark, happens only once in 350 years at any given place.
         The 1983 total eclipse began at sunrise in the Indian Ocean. The shadow moved quickly across the ocean towards the east, and passed Java, bringing darkness right in the middle of the day.
         People did not dare to look at the sun during the eclipse. It is dangerous to look up at the sun because it may cause blindness. It is wise to look after our eyes, isn't it ?

1.   What brought the darkness in the middle of the day ......
A.the earth
B.the shadow
C.the Java island
D.the lunar eclipse

2.   A solar total eclipse happened In 1983.
The underlined word means ....
A.the sun is completely dark
B.the sun shines brightly
C.the sun is partly dark
D.the sun sets

3.   We call it ...., because we cannot see the whole face of the sun.
A.partial lunar eclipse
B.partial solar eclipse
C.total solar eclipse
D.total lunar eclipse

4.   Which paragraph tells about the cause of the solar eclipse for the eyes .......

         The ants are very interesting. They have been running about everywhere. They seem very busy. They have been looking for food. When an ant finds something, it takes it to the nest. If one ant cannot carry it, it calls its friends to help.
         Ants are social insects. They are like people. They live in families and build their own houses of nests. But a family of ants may consist of tens of thousands. Each ant has is own work to do. There are hunters, workers, and soldiers. The hunters hunt food for all the ants in the nest. The soldiers guard the nest against strangers and enemies. The workers and soldiers get their food from the hunters. The queen is a special ant. It gets special food from the hunters. It does not have to work. Its only job is to lay eggs.

5.   Whose job makes rooms ......
A.the hunter's
B.the worker's
C.the soldier's
D.the guard's

6.   What does the first paragraph tell about ......
A.How the carries the food
B.How the ant finds something
C.How the ant calls its friends
D.How the ant looks for food

7.   If one ant cannot carry it, ......
"It" refers to ......
B.an ant
C.the food
D.the nest

8.   After finding the food, where does the ant take it to .......
A.the nest
C.The ground
D.It's friends


         Indonesia has a land area of 1,904,345 square kilometres. More than half of it is forested land a large part is mountainous, with 15 of the mountains still volcanically active. One of history's greatest volcano eruptions, which killed thousands of people, occurred in 1883 on the island of Krakatau, which lies between Java and Sumatra.
         Indonesia is one of the most populous countries in the world. It's population is 160 million. More than 60 % of the population live on the island of Java.
         The Indonesian population consists of more than 3000 ethnic groups which speak 500 different language, but most of them understand the national language, Bahasa Indonesia. The Indonesia governments campaign to popularize Bahasa Indonesia at present can be seen through signs in public places and various offices which say "Use good Bahasa Indonesia correctly". Indonesia's Motto "Bhinneka Tunggal Ika", which means Unity in Diversity, symbolizes the unity of the people in spite of their different ethnic and cultural origins.

9.   What do the Indonesian people use for communication .......
A.different ethnic
B.different language
C.Indonesia language
D.Bhinneka Tunggal Ika

10.   When the Krakatau mountain ....... it killed thousands of people.
D.was active

11.   The second paragraph tells about ...... of population.
A.the total
B.the increasing
C.the percentage
D.the calculation

12.   It's total population is 160 million.
What does "i's" refer to ......

                                  THE TWO SEASONS IN INDONESIA

        It was a hot afternoon. Rani and her friend Janet were on a bus on the their way to the swimming pool.
        "It's a lovely day. Just right for swimming. I'm glad we decided to go for a swim." Janet said.
        "I am too. But perhaps there are a lot of people at the pool. I hope the weather stays this way the whole afternoon. This is beginning of the wet season and it's difficult to predict the weather. Sometimes it's nice and sunny, then suddenly it rains
        "When is the rainy season in Indonesia ?"
        "The wet season is from November to April and it is followed by the dry season, which lasts from May to October. You know we have only two seasons in Indonesia," Rani answered.
        "Does it rain very hard during the wet season ?"
        "Yes, it does. But the heavy down pours are interspersed with periods of sunshine. It seldom happens that it rains or that the sky is overcast for day on end. Thunderstorms are frequent during the rainy season, and so are the floods. And the heaviest rain fall is in December and January, " Rani explained to her friend.
        "When is the rainy season in Indonesia
        "The wet season is from November to April and it is followed by the dry season, which lasts from May to October. You know we have only two seasons in Indonesia, 'Rani answered.
        "Does it rain very hard during the wet season ?"
        "Yes, it does. But the heavy down pours are interspersed with periodes of sunshine. It seldom happens that it rains or that the sky is overcast for day on end. Thunderstorms are frequent during the rainy season, and so are the floods. And the heaviest rain fall is in December and January, " Rani explained to her friend.

13.   Who wanted to know the rainy season in Indonesia ......
C.Her friend
D.Rani and Janet

14.   What is the main idea of paragraph 1 .......
A.Going by bus
B.The swimming pool
C.Going to the swimming pool
D.The condition of the weather

15.   This is the beginning of the wet season ......
"This" refers to ......
A.the weather
B.the wet season
C.the rainy season
D.the whole afternoon

16.   What does "the heavy downpours" mean ?
It means .......
C.rain hard


         Our world has more than 1,500,000 kinds of plants and animals. Unfortunately we have lost a great many of those species and we afraid that we shall lose many more if we are not careful.
         We can find none or only a small number of certain species of animal because people have been killing them. They have done this either for food or just for fun.
         As the population grows, more and more species are lost and many forest, become plain. People build dams and cause the loss of certain kinds of fish. People build wide roads, airfields and all kinds of big buildings and cut some animals off from their sources of food.
         Factories of all kinds, as well as ordinary people, throw waste of all kinds into water,  rivers, lakes, seas, and oceans. Several kinds of water gets too much. Then the water can absorb or take away the waste, in some places water gets too much.
The water become overloaded or polluted.

17.   What causes the river polluted .......
A.the waste
B.the oceans
C.the water
D.the factories

18.   Paragraph 3 tells about .......
A.certain kind of fish are lost
B.they don't kill animals to eat
C.people protect species
D.destructing of forest

19.   The species of animals have become smaller.
The idea of the sentence is found in paragraph .......

20.   They have done this either for food or just for fun.
"They" refers to .......

21.   Rendra is not a stupid boy but he is very lazy.
"lazy" in the sentence means he always ........
A.goes to school
B.does his homework
C.forgets his homework
D.writes on the board

22.   In the supermarket, we cannot bargain there. It means the things they sell have .... prices.

23.   There is a .... in our school. The students can borrow some books they want to read.

24.   The .... of east Java is Surabaya.

25.   The plants were dying because of the drought.
The meaning of "drought" is ....
A.no plants
B.many plants
C.without water
D.full of water

26.   Without trees on the land, ........
A.the soil will be fertile
B.there will be soil erosion
C.the forests will product timber
D.the government will save the forest

27.   The lion in the forest are wild.
The underlined word means ....

28.   I don't like to climb up a mountain on a .... day because I can't see anything.

29.   Listen! The teacher .... the lesson.
C.is explaining
D.was explaining

30.   The students are in front of the classroom and the new teacher is coming.
Students: Are you going to teach ...., Mam?
Teacher : Yes, I am.

31.   Ady got an accident yesterday, so he ........ not walk very fast.

32.   X : .... do you usually go to the movies?
Y : Once a month.
A.How many
B.How often
C.How soon
D.How fast

33.   I am very thirsty because I ........ from my house.
A.have run
B.was running
C.am running
D.am going to run

34.   Aminah couldn't move the big table to her room. She asked Harsono to do it, so she said to him : .......
A.Don't bother me!
B.Will you lift it!
C.Can you touch it!
D.Don't move it!

This bag is ....... that one.
A.the same
C.the same as
D.different from

36.   Yesterday Budi bought two pens. One of them is black and ...... is red.
B.any other
C.one another
D.the other

37.   Their son shot a bird in the forest, ....... he ?

38.   Nano : Hi, Tati! How are you?
Tati    : Fine,thank you. And you?
Nano : Very well, thank you. How is your mother?
Tati    : She is sick
Nano : ....
A.I'm glad to hear that
B.I'm sorry to hear that
C.I'm n.i.ce to see you
D.I'm pleased to hear that

39.   Tina: Is this your pencil ?
Irna: Yes, it is.
Tina: I need it. May I borrow it ?
Irna: ........ here you are.

40.   Yanuar : Can you help me, Ren?
Rendra : Yes, What cat I do for you?
Yanuar : I can't reach the books on the top shelf. ........, please!
Rendra : Of course.
A.Would you open the door
B.Can you sit down
C.Could you bring the chair
D.Will you go now

41.   Yono : Hello, Yusuf. how are you ?
Yusuf : Very well, thank you. And you ?
Yono : Quite well, thanks.
Very well, means ........

42.   Rino    : Dad, I'd like to introduce my friend, Indra.
Father : How do you do, Indra ?
Indra   : ........
A.How do you do ?
B.I'm very glad
C.How are you ?
D.I don't think so

43.   Mila        : Where are the magazines, madam ?
Librarian : They are on the shelves near the table.
Mila        : ........, Madam.
A.I think so
B.Thank you
C.Oh, there
D.I see

44.   Merry : I've got a new cassette of Sean 0' Connor.
Mira   : Do you like it?
Mira   : Yes, ........
A.I think so
B.very kind
C.thank you
D.very much

45.   Mother  : Do you want to ride the motorcycle again?
Son       : Yes, I want to go to Rio's house.
Mother  : ...... the street is too busy.
Son       : I'm so sorry. Mom.
A.It's better to do it
B.I think you can use it
C.I don't agree with you
D.Don't stay here again

46.   Suyadi is a very clever student. The result of his test is always good. But yesterday he got 30 for English, so his teachers were surprised.
Mr Teddy  : Can you believe that Suryadi got 30 for the English test?
Mr Komar : ........! I don't believe that.
Mr Teddy : Neither do I.
A.Thanks God
B.That's right
C.How strange
D.What's the matter

47.   Teacher : This is a good composition, Ida.
Ida        : Thank you. Sir.
               I had to work very hard on it, because the topic was not very familiar to me.
Teacher : ........
Ida        : Thank you. Sir.
A.It's nice to meet you
B.I'm glad you like it
C.You look nice in this job
D.You did a very good job

Farida doesn't look quite well, so she needs a scarf around her .......

The dress is very expensive because there is a ....... in it.

The young man ....... the car is my uncle's son.
A.in front of

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